We make big things fit

No matter the size, Furniture Reformation has a solution:

  • Ensure that furniture fits in your space regardless the size or location;
  • Professional, fast service and knowledgable of all types of furniture;
  • Sofa repair on your existing pieces and restore to new.

We offer a vast range of services including delivery and assembly, disassembly, and transportation, couch, sofa repair or replacement,  pick up and delivery.

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About Us

Furniture Reformation specializes in sofa repairs and assembly. We come to you with our truck loaded with many different tools and a truck bed loaded with parts. We repair every type of furniture such as Recliners, Loveseats, Couches,  and more!!  We specialize in sofa disassembly. If you live in apartments or homes that are hard to get into or have not enough space for large furniture items we can dismantle your current sofa and reassemble it into your desired layout.

Finding a furniture store that will come to your apartment and put your new sofa together?

You cannot find any. Every time you buy a piece of furniture, you have to figure out what to do with the new giant box – hopefully, there is a place in your living room for it! You are jealous of all these Instagram feeds with beautiful NYC apartments, so cute, fancy, and small, yet every time you click to see how they fit their beautiful furniture into their places… 

No Couch is "TOO BIG"

Rush Service

We are able to do same day furniture repair, and 24 hour service line for all your questions and needs. 

What to expect

After you reserve your services, we will match you with our best availability and come to solve your furniture repair needs. 

Trained Service Technicians
All of our trained service technicians are licensed and insured. Our trusted technicians go through our extensive program to be able to provide you with the best service!

We do it all!

Furniture Reformation company not only repairs, assembles and disassemble furniture, we also restore, and offer moving services as well.

Our Services

Assembly of Furniture

Disassembly of Furniture

Furniture Repair

Furniture Disposal



We have been offering this service for more than 20 years

Family Run

We are a family run business that prides our workmanship very highly.


All of our work is fully guaranteed and carried out to the highest of standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can come assess any situation to make sure we can do the job safely and correctly.

Yes we are fully insured and would request that you get the building form and approval before your scheduled date.

There are not many differences between a sofa and a couch. They both mean the same thing. The big difference is sizes, so please have measurements for us before we set your appointment so we can quote you accordingly.

The main price determination of sofa repair services is the size of the sofa and also how many technicians we will need to have to assist us with your needs.

Please contact us by phone or email so we can provide you with a custom quote. Every job has its own needs so we need to determine based on the information you provide us.

Relax, and leave the job to us

With our Reformation furniture repair service, you know exactly how much the job costs before we start. Book your sofa repair online and we’ll call you to arrange a convenient appointment. Just send us a photo of the issue via text, email and we’ll quickly get back to you with a quote. Whether you have a torn arm or split seam, just sit back and relax as we carefully remove your sofa from the room and take it away for repairs. 

Happy Customers

Five Stars I’ll Give a Higher Rating If It Was One, Couldn't Be Happier With The Outcome, i was A little skeptical about the process at first but Maher was very reassuring. They reassembled my couch and it felt as strong as the day i bought it. Maher Was Very Polite and Respectful & most of all professional, I’ll recommend this service to any of my friends.
Randy Barnes
New York
Maher saved the day! I called him crying when my movers could not fit my sofa through my apartment corridor and door due to a low ceiling. I was extremely stressed during my move, and this surprise was unforeseen. Luckily, Maher calmed me and assured he was an expert. The Furniture Reformation team worked quickly and efficiently outdoors due to fire code. I was nervous when they started sawing my sofa in pieces, but Maher reiterated that it would not be visible after they reupholstered it. I am OCD and was nervous about my sofa being outside. His team took great care of my sofa and it looked exactly like it did before my move. I am very thankful for Maher’s exceptional service and I will refer his company to my friends and clients in the future. Furniture Reformation was worth every penny to save my beautiful velvet sofa.
Jessica Jordan
New York